Veroniсa Tkachenko — the known astrologer, the Member of Russian journalist Union, the participant of many international conferences. She has diplomas of Academy of astrology and several esoteric schools. On her personal account — some hundreds of publications in the central periodic editions, numerous performances on radio and central TV, reports at the Russian and foreign conferences, four books: «Your destiny and astrology» (DROFA, 2005), «Whether it is possible to calculate a fashion?» (КONEK, 2005), «The Fashion and Beauty Astrology» (RIPOL-CLASSIK, 2006), and «The Beauty Calendar» (EKSMO, 2005). In 1999 ELLE magazine has mentioned Veroniсa Tkachenko among ten the best Russian astrologers.

Veronica Tkachenko is the founder of a new direction — Fashion and beauty Astrology. As a result of long-term researches the original algorithm of fashion forecasting, based on astrological cycles and movement of planets has been developed. Subsequently it has received the name the astrological theory of fashion forecasting.

Veronica Tkachenko is the author of priority researches in the area of fashion forecasting. In 1997 at XIV International conference of astrologers of Spain (XIV Congreso Iberico de Astrologia) Veronica has acted with the report about fashion forecasting which has caused the wide response as among astrologers, and professionals of the fashion industry.

Since then many of these ideas have been approved in practice, during consultations for fashion designers, Fashion Houses and private designers. Her successful predictions about perspective fashion trends have allowed many designers to raise profitableness of the business and to affirm on a fashion Olympus.

Benefits that you get
in partnership with astrology:
Independence and the absolute novelty
We reveal new tendencies irrespective of forecasts a trend-bureau or other sources of the information. We are ready to offer you the developed representation of a new fashion long before occurrence of the first trial samples. The only thing that can limit long term of the forecast is the technological base existing at present of time, but also it is not necessary on a place.
The general direction and the detailed analysis
We can present fashion forecast both as in the general directions and separate details accordingly to your order. Techniques of definition of color scale, a key silhouette, constructive lines, materials and patterns are well fulfilled at present time. These laws are illustrated on an example of various kinds of women's clothing, lingerie and accessories.
The correct tool of fashion forecast
The traditional technique of revealing of trends is based on intuitive approach and does not exclude influence of authoritative persons. The astrological theory of fashion forecasting allows us to predict a future fashion with the big reliability. Our tool of forecasting of a fashion is passionless and faultless are exact train diagrams of planets and original author's techniques checked up for many years and confirmed in practice.
Individual approach
The fashion astrology helps you to create products which favourably differ against others. You receive the information which is intended for you, and has no analogues on the market. As a result of our cooperation the newest ideas and creative images turn to concrete material products and the viable projects, making notable profit.
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