Colors of the planets in Zodiac signs: Introduction
Colors of the planets in Zodiac signs: Introduction

Language of color is one of the oldest and most compelling forms of communication between people. It largely depends on the level of human development and characterizes him as a person. Primitive man in his life is constantly exposed to the external environment, containing all the variety of colors, and unconsciously trying to control this effect. Application of different colors and shades in the ritual clothing, the ceremony of sacrifice in war paint his body is the way to protect against environmental aggression. Imitation of a certain color or mimicry is also the most ancient way of survival in difficult conditions, where at each step in danger. In this connection it is interesting to note that the change of the color cheme, the desire to update your wardrobe for the new season is an echo of the ancient system of protection against the outside world, skillfully transformed in accordance with modern standards of morality. A well-done make up is something similar to the ancient warlike coloring.

Basic psychological concepts of color were formed in ancient times. Primitive peoples color identified with natural forces. Thus, the red color symbolized fire, orange and gold represents the sun, green — spring foliage and start a new life, blue — sky and sea space. More enlightened nations have found a link between the color and the influence of the planets. On the same line based matching ancient system of metals and stones. Gold is a metal of Sun, and silver is the metal of Moon in color matching. Different colors in ancient times were attributed to other planets. Red is color of Mars, green — Venus, purple or dark blue — Jupiter, black or brown — Saturn, changeable colors — Mercury. It is surprising that this information was subsequently confirmed by modern scientific research.

From the viewpoint of astronomy color of planet depends on the compound of the substances of which it is composed. That is why the planets of the solar system in space look different.

Earth is blue, light blue planet with a cover of white clouds. Color of the planet is largely determined by its water cover.

Mercury is planet of gray. On this planet, there is no atmosphere, water, too, there is only rock.

Venus has a yellowish-white color. It is the color of clouds enveloping the planet. In their structure hydrochloric acid found.

Mars is the «red planet». In fact, it is red-orange, named for the color of the desert soil with lots of iron.

Jupiter is a large liquid ball. Its main color is orange-yellow with the presence of bands, as we see in most pictures taken from space. Color of the planet is caused by clouds of gas from ammonia and ammonium.

Saturn is pale yellow, as the color is formed by clouds of ammonia, under the clouds of ammonia liquid hydrogen is.

Uranus has a light blue color, but unlike Earth, the color of Uranus formed by methane clouds.

Neptune is green planet, although Neptune is very similar in chemical composition to Uranus, and has a bluish tint. Its color is determined by the presence of methane clouds, and the surface is slightly darker due to the large distance from Sun.

Pluto has a light brown color due to the presence of large amounts of dirty methane ice on its surface.

Today, no one would argue that the planets have their spectral emission, which is fixed by appropriate instruments. Graphics of planet spectral radiation fascinate by its beauty. They attract us no less than our ancestors thousands of years ago that looked at the stars with the naked eye. But the space continues to be a mystery. As practice shows, the interaction of celestial bodies and human on Earth can not always be explained by rational knowledge. In this connection there was need for a new science, which allows the gap between rational knowledge and the practical needs of man. So color-psychology appears. Brightest representatives of this trend, Petersburg scientists Semira and Vetash done a great job to identify the psychological characteristics of color and connection with astrology. In the publications at www.astrolingua.spb.ru the authors have developed a detailed system of colors for Zodiac signs, planets and elements.

Astrologers in their practical work not use the zodiacal constellations, but their projections on the belt of the ecliptic, the apparent path of Sun, Moon and planets movement. Zodiac signs are the basis and alphabet for the novice astrologers. At the same time, planets in transit motion across the sky also get their registration in Zodiac sign, through which they exert to show their qualities. We used these physical and psychological characteristics of the planets in the development of methods for predicting the color scheme. Veronica Tkachenko’s article «Fashion Astrology: how to predict fashionable colors» we briefly introduced the concept of color harmony and communication with the astrological aspects and psychological characteristics of the planets and the corresponding color.

Color vibrations of the planets are the most essential tool that makes the process of fashion forecasting possible. Without it, the description of the color scheme would reduce to a simple set of words and images. Studies by St. Petersburg astrologers Semira and Vitaly Vetash show, that each planet has not only one characteristic color, but the whole set of color combinations, the relevant Ruling Planet of each decade. We supplemented and refined these color samples with the help of modern computer technology. Then we found out that these combinations can be used not only for diagnosis of personality on an individual horoscope, but also to predict fashion and create an individual style. Now we have a powerful electronic library of color samples.

How to use this information?

1. For the harmonization of personality and birth horoscope studying.

Check yourself, how you relate to the characteristic color of this planet. Observed that the sharp rejection of a certain color indicates that the corresponding planet in the horoscope is inharmonious aspects. Counseling astrologer, and independent work on your horoscope will help change attitudes towards this color and the development of new, harmonious character traits. This is one way of personal development through color.

2. For adjustment to the influence of transit planets.

At the time of birth of each person astrological influences forms that are almost never repeated. At the same time, we all experience the impact of transiting planets. They affect our individual horoscope strings like a violin bow. Depending on the aspects of the horoscope harmonious or inharmonious music sounds. The study of color vibrations of transiting planets helps us to understand each other better.

On the eve of the day of birth is also important to observe the color of Sun in your Zodiac sign. This is another color key to the knowledge of your character.

You can intensify the expression of a particular planet or increase the likelihood of desired events, if you use the appropriate color accents in their environment, in the interior, in clothes.

3. For fashionable color forecasting.

Color vibrations of the planets to help better understand the features of the current season fashion and trendy colors predict longer-term.

4. For creating an individual style.

Create your own color passport: a selection of colors to match the position of the planets in Zodiac signs. Group them in character and style trends, these colors you can use to develop your own individual style. They will be your reliable guide in the world of ever-changing fashion.

You can freely copy these patterns and use them in your work. Just do not forget at least to thank mentally the developers and comply with the copyrights. Then you will have good luck and an influx of new creative ideas! 


Whether it is possible to calculate the fashion?
Whether it is possible to calculate the fashion?

This book represents absolutely new approach to a fashion question. For the first time the attention to the question is formulated, whether it is possible to calculate the fashion. Investigations of the author allow us to answer this question in the affirmative. In the book the original algorithm of forecasting of the new fashion, based on astrological cycles and movement of planets is resulted.

The Fashion and Beauty Astrology
The Fashion and Beauty Astrology

In the book high lights of the astrological theory of fashion forecasting  developed by the author are stated. Here are original formulas of a birth of a new fashion which allow to predict with the big accuracy any events in a fashionable sky — from cardinal changes in a fashion to nuances of fashionable color scale, from changes of a fashionable image till the moment of a birth of new perfumes and aromas are resulted.

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