Wine picnic-2016
Wine picnic-2016

On May 21-22, 2016 in a country hotel M'Istra'L Hotel & SPA Wine-picnic by the Russian Sommelier Association will held. This is one of the most popular and colorful annual open air for fest for all lovers and connoisseurs of wine culture. On the shore of the Istra reservoir the wine industry professionals will meet again, that in a friendly atmosphere to discover new facets of this ancient wonder drink. The date of an event coincides with important astrological moment: turn of  Mercury into direct motion (May 22), so much overlap should not be expected.

This year, organizers have prepared an interesting program. For example, they offer a lesson on the art of wine. During the master class «Sabrazh» the most daring visitors will try to open a bottle of champagne using a saber. Throughout the Wine-picnic program participants will quizzes and competitions on the wine theme of the master, the history of wine from the guests and the curious cases of the famous sommelier Russia. Most Active will receive valuable prizes and gifts! The real beauty laboratory experts cosmetics company Mary Kay is deployed, and for the sweet tooth bakery Slavishna prepared exclusive cakes.

The program includes:

  • wine Salon with leading wine trading companies in Russia;
  • breakfast / dinner / lunch c master class from the chef, the honorary member of the Russian Association of Sommelier Nicolas Bakunova;
  • master classes from leading brands:
  • learning to understand the whiskey (the Macallan);
  • pick up the glasses for different wines (Chef & Sommelier);
  • evening Wine Party and more.

Partners of the event: Simple, Palais Royal, MBG, Wine Discovery Wine Institute of California, Fanogoriya, Russia, Alianta Group, Fort, Ramon Bilbao, Ladoga, the Macallan.

Gastronomic partners: mineral water Russe Quelle, grills Big green Egg, BioTrade, tea company ChaE, coffee partner Koffey.

Partners: Wine games, Mary Kay.

Media partners: Simple Wine News, LifeNews television, Kitchen + WineLeaks.

Organizers of the event: MasterSommelier and the Russian Association of Sommelier.

To become part of a friendly party easily. Just buy a ticket on http://buy.tfe-lite.ru/ru/49997/ or https://ponominalu.ru/event/wine-picnic site

All details can be clarified by telephone or e-mail:

Catherine: +7 929 644 20 82, ras@sommelier.ru.

Olga: +7 903 275 73 27, rtvp @ bk.ru.

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